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Digital Entertainment Lifestyle

In the new era of digital entertainment world, all the audio and video products can be connected (konneted). One can easily share his/her audio and video contents from one device to another. The HDTV, HD Projector, A/V system, mini-HiFi, personal computer, camcorder, surround sound speaker system, game console, disc player, MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. can all be connected together & share the same content.

KONNET’s products are to provide the convenience and to stimulate the true quality in this place while K-Trends are to provide the related information for digital entertainment users on how to maximize the audio and video performance in order to enjoy the highest quality of digital entertainment life.

What we are doing: Simplify. Enhance. Enjoy.  Let's get together to enjoy the new era of digital entertainment world.

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