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KONNET Launches K-Store to Serve You Without Boundaries

TORONTO, Ontario, May 18, 2009 – KONNET Technology Inc., one of the leading digital entertainment product provider in Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of K-Store, a totally owned and operated online store for KONNET’s customers and supporters. Surf this link:

After the setup of KONNET’s Asia operation in Hong Kong in 2008, KONNET continues to broaden its market reach in order to strengthen KONNET’s global presence. The launch of K-Store, a wholly owned and operated online store, is a move toward growing internationally. The worldwide logistics fulfillment centers have two hubs, Canada and Hong Kong, in order to serve customers from every corner of the world.

The K-Store contains all the latest KONNET products in the most comprehensive range. It is being operated 24/7 in order to give the best convenience to online customers. The K-Store offers the customer no boundaries of location, time, and product lines. One of the important objectives for the K-Store is to open up communication and develop a relationship with KONNET’s online customers. KONNET believes that garnering more customer feedbacks/comments from different countries will enhance and improve KONNET’s future product development. The open communication will enhance KONNET’s future product advancement and lead to high quality digital entertainment enjoyment. This valuable relationship is in line with KONNET’s corporate philosophy: Inspiring Quality Through Innovation.


KONNET is a leading developer of digital entertainment products, focusing on professional audio/video, mobile entertainment and gaming products to enhance the performance and stimulating the true quality of digital entertainment. KONNET’s product development team specializes in designing and developing both electronic and non-electronic components with innovative ideas in order to provide premium quality, performance and convenience for the new generation of digital entertainment users.

Media Contacts

Kevin Rich (MR.)
KONNET Technology Inc.
Tel: 1.647.242.2830
Fax: 1.647.435.0350

Ken Ching (MR.)
KONNET Technology (Asia) Limited
Tel: 852.3620.3818
Fax: 852.3620.3628

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