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Corporate Info

KONNET Technology Inc. was formed by a group of Audio and Visual consultants having strong understanding on true audio and visual quality in Canada. It started with A/V consulting services for A/V home users and some organizations in Toronto, assisting users in A/V product selection and A/V system setup. With the positive feedback from their customers, they had developed their own branded A/V peripherals for enhancing the performance and stimulating the true quality of A/V products in the digital entertainment world.

They recognize the quality of A/V products is not just depending on the core units of the A/V items like LCD TV, Audio system, CD players, DVD players, game consoles, etc. but also counting much on the transmission of the A/V signals. Where wire, switch, connector, power adapter and connecting devices that will work. Provided that both the core units and the accessories are well aligned, the true quality of A/V content will perform at their utmost level. Further with the advancement of A/V technology and the lower cost of A/V products, they believe the new generation of digital entertainment should no longer be an expensive hobby and should extend to everyone. Then they started to design and develop A/V accessories for the mass market in order to bring up the true quality to all public.

Seeing the significant growth of digital entertainment users over years, KONNET development team with management solid support decided to put more R&D resources in developing the Professional A/V series along with High Definition TV related products.

Further foreseeing the digital entertainment lifestyle become more mobile, they dedicate a new team to focus on Mobile Entertainment. In the new era of digital entertainment, they believe Gaming is also a significantly growing trend, another development team is dedicated for developing gaming products. The three development units carry different philosophies and aim at delivering different product messages.

Professional AV: Maximizing …… Your HDTV Experience!

Mobile Entertainment: Developing Your Own Digital Lifestyle!

Gaming: More Fun! More Enjoyment!

KONNET vision is to stimulate the true quality and performance of A/V products to customers over the world in the new generation of digital entertainment through different forms of innovations.

Simplify. Enhance. Enjoy.

KONNET Technology Inc.

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