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Our Earth

KONNET is committed to the environmental protection of our earth and continually makes an effort to minimize the industrial impact on our earth. The cultural belief within the whole organization is that our earth is more important than business. Many considerations regarding environmental protection have been taken during the processes of KONNET’s product development, packaging design, and promotional programs to minimize any potential waste and chemical impact on our earth and reducing our carbon footprint.

KONNET believes it is not only a responsibility but an obligation! KONNET customers and partners are cordially invited to join us in our commitment in protecting our environment in various ways:

Compliant with Industry Standards:

KONNET’s research and development team consistently takes the factors of environmental protection into consideration. The product materials and components KONNET selects will all follow the industry standards like Conformité Européenne (CE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS). KONNET’s manufacturing operations also follow the required certification processes. All these certified symbols are presented on all the KONNET product packing material. KONNET is dedicated to obtain recycled materials for use in our products and packaging.

We Love Our Earth. Please re-use me!

For some packing of KONNET product like gift box, KONNET encourages its end customers to reuse the box for other storage purposes instead of throwing away. Thus the design is for long lasting usage with high level of durability and with simple and regular box shape in order for easy reuse purpose.

When you see the message, “We Love Our Earth. Please re-use me!” on KONNET’s packing box or gift box, please consider re-using it. KONNET purposely designed the durable and simple box to encourage our end customers to reuse the box for other storage purposes instead of letting it end up in the landfill.

Recall and Recycle Program:

With the advancement of audio and video technology, replacement of A/V products are unavoidable. The lifecycle of many A/V products has been shortened thus creating lots of waste. Even though some of KONNET’s products come with a lifetime warranty, it would still fade out due to technological advancements or abridged product lifecycle.

KONNET knows most of the old A/V products (e.g. cables, old TV sets, mini systems, etc.) can be reused in the third world market or recycled into new products. As a result, KONNET sincerely invites all the customers to join the “Recall and Recycle Program”. For more details, please contact the local distributors in your country or email us via .

Share Your Ideas:

You are welcome to send KONNET an e-mail to with your ideas on how you re-used the box. We will post your suggestions to share with other customers. Every effort, no matter how small will contribute to make our world a better place.

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