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Vision Protective Shield for iPhone 6/iPhone 6S

Vision Protective Shield for iPhone 6/iPhone 6S
Vision Protective Shield for iPhone 6/iPhone 6S Vision Protective Shield for iPhone 6/iPhone 6S
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Vision Protective Shield for iPhone 6/iPhone 6S

Numerous neuron research had evidently illustrated that blue light and ultra-violet from LED screen of all electronic devices, such as smartphone, tablets, computer display, television, etc. adversely impact to our eyes.

Experts differ as to the exact wavelength of UV light waves, but generally speaking, UV light is defined as that part of the invisible spectrum which ranges from 420nm to 200nm. (Nm stands for nanometer which is one billionth of a meter.) This part of the spectrum is divided into UV-A, (379nm to 315nm), UV-B, (314nm to 280nm,), UV-C (279 to 200nm.) and UVt-MAX (380nm to 420nm), which penetrates through  lens and causes direct damage to retina.

Adverse Effects on Our Eyes:
•Making pigment epithelial cells declined.
•Making photo-sensitive cells innutritious and impaired vision.
•Eventually leading Myopia especially to children and AMD (age-related macular degeneration) to adults

Vision Protective Shield with special technology is developed to filter almost all the Blue Light and Ultra-Violet (UV) from LED screens of all electronic devices.

Features / Specifications

  • 99.99% Prevent 380 – 400 nm UVt MAX emitted by the screens of mobile, computer and television devices
  • Effectively filter light of the various wavelengths, avoid len mutation, protect eyes from cataracts and myopia
  • Prevent blue light from harming retina and avoid macular degeneration
  • Prevent skin damage from chloasma, freckles and wrinkles stimulated by UVT Max
  • Perfectly cut to fit into different screen sizes

Included Inside

  • VPS Film x 1
  • Cleaning Cloth x 1
  • Squeegee Card x 1



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